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Introduction to BCSA Training
by Pete Walker - Monday, 7 July 2014, 3:56 PM

Trainees can be enrolled onto each of the BCSA courses by self registration, this is completed by selecting the login at the top right of the Web Portal page, access to the training packages is then made available through PayPal.

CRAFT Welder, CRAFT Fabricator and CRAFT Fabricator Welder

CompetenceRouteofAttaining a FabricationTrade

This course is a modular based training process that enables the skills required to work in a steelwork fabrication facility. The training modules are designed to be learnt, practiced and then validated. This training can all take place within the workplace under the control of the employer, using the personnel and equipment that is already familiar to and used by the company.

The course material includes all the specific training modules which can be completed by the trainee with the assistance of workplace coaches, when the trainee is able to demonstrate they can complete the tasks repeatedly given in each module they can be signed as completed by the BCSA registered validator. On completion of each module a certificate will be issued. It is recommended that to ensure the trainee is given sufficient time to practice the skills required the CRAFT Certificate will only be issued after a minimum of two years training.

Metal Decking Installer Certificate

The metal decking modules have been developed to train personnel based on the CRAFT process of learning, practice and validation for the tasks that take place on site for metal decking installation.

The trainee registration can be given as evidence for the Red Trainee CSCS Card and on completion of the validated training and certification a full CSCS card can be obtained.

Bolting Competency

This course is recommended for personnel that are to be nominated as the Level 3 Bolting Coordinator for the National Highways Sector Scheme 20. The course will also provide evidence of competency for those working as Level 2 Bolting Inspectors.

Preloaded bolted connections are in general usage in steel bridgework and other heavy steel constructions. They are designed according to national and international standards and are, in general classified by the design performance of the completed connection.

The objective of this training course is to give confidence in the effectiveness of training through performance demonstration at the appropriate level.

On successful completion of the training and passing of the multi choice test a competency certificate is made available to the candidate:

Information on the progression to become the Level 3 Bolting Coordinator is contained within the BCSA Bolting Standard which is a downloadable document from the course material.